What About Orbs?

Orbs are very very hard to discern. 99% of the time they are pollen, dust, insect, or other form of very explainable imagery caught on camera. The remaining 1% may be energy, but not necessarily paranormal. We don't give a lot of credit to orbs for the fact that they are very rarely paranormal, however we DO look at each orb and consider the possibility.

Below, you will find some examples of orbs that are very common in photographs. Most of these orbs aren't in the least bit paranormal. Photographs are never a good source of true paranormal orbs. Video, however, gives more in-depth concentration on the movement and behavior of a possible paranormal orb that allows us to zero-in on what it is we're looking at and gives us a better understanding of what it MAY be.

We aren't against orbs, but we don't think that every orb is paranormal. We have yet to come accross an orb we would consider 'paranormal'. The search continues...

Dust Orbs


Dust, Pollen, & Insects In Motion